Passer to art school,' Train up a child's love of contemporary art.
Have the opportunity to participate in art project to the school. One of the good project the offices Contemporary Art and Culture, The Ministry of Culture Held at the school Jomtien Rose Garden Bangkok with younger students which attend more than 200 people, Mr.Chai Nakonchai director, the office of Contempory Art and Culture said the purpose of the project have told us that. The project will travel to various schools to encourage Thai children to see the importance of art and Contemporary Art. Not only that. It also has the knowledge, wisdom and having Thailand incorporating activities for children to learn. We have interesting events at Rose Garden Palace School include the activities of the Eight base activities, which are photo shooting, Film making base, Thai ability base. Love to read base, The guide base, The art (printmaking), the Art 2 (masks making - the sheet plaster splinting weak) base, the Art 3 (designed and fabricated bunch of buttons, beads) with speakers specialists from various universities, to provide the knowledge, these are a key strategy at the offices Comtempory Art and Culture to make Thail children know art works and culture and also the wisdom of Thailand.

Professor Kamoluck Pongnikon, Lecturer grade 4 that art is cleverly interwoven with Thailand wisdom. In the past, the teachers of the school, the Royal palace Rose garden school has been a succession of wisdom Thailand species such as perfume and cook bee wax the chest fabric, Weaver and recipes Thailand Avarin grandmother during random splendor vassal parties. Formula own perfume royal treatment in Thailand. Princess His bushy mane of Ang. The sister of King Rama V. This is a precious cultural heritage of wisdom. We must help children Thailand succession. The identities of the palace of wisdom and Thailand being lost. The teachers have the knowledge and contemporary art are combined. To further the teaching of academic subjects to benefit even more.

While the professor Ing Praphai think one of the speakers. The feeling that Glad to be a part of bringing knowledge, wisdom Thailand to other activities that combine knowledge base in Thailand within reach. To preserve the wisdom of "Crepe paper garlands and lace" is missing from the market, including "Oh bunch sq m," which, according to traditional Chinese craftsmanship of Thailand colloquially Puan district. Suphanburi and "Flags lattice" made of paper. I think the application of artificial intelligence ASEAN community as a workbook for teachers and students to continue with other subjects as needed. Or be fabricated with materials that are readily available. Give the Gift of New Year's Day, birthdays and other important festivals help bring savings waste to good use. If development can be sold to generate income for the family on the other.
For younger participants, he would feel like and get to know some of her cheeks. J. Pattaraporn an achievement at grade. 4/3 that present arts and culture are far Thailand. Lack of refined soul Art helps us to meditate. Makes a gentle spirit and intention of the art, this time it will be useful in everyday life. The painting in art class. Can be applied to selecting the color of clothing. We know that Art and culture more.

The younger of the crab. J. Shaan create Cod tea Gul student. 4/2 that the art was like going back in time to ancient knowledge. To practice skills and knowledge that blends traditional folk know Lokmohtr Thailand flags and decorations in the net past Festivals. Favors conservation and Indigenous Thailand. The knowledge base so it can be applied to a gift that is beautiful and Thailand. To give to friends or for use in various festivals as well.

Despite the knowledge of art incorporating wisdom from Thailand to study art thoroughfare. This time it ended it. But little happiness to these grand prize is pride in the knowledge of the contemporary art. Thailand and the children received from teachers all the knowledge and experience to convey. Children are like treasures that can be used all day.


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