True, downloaded the new app "True Photo Contest".
True, downloaded the new app "True Photo Contest" photos won the contest "a wild animal with you," the 18-year-anytime, anywhere for free download! Today's App Store and Google Play Store.

Plc., True Corporation, Investor Relations. Developing applications with new "True Photo Contest" for the 3G love nature. The app offers gallery online collection of over 300 works that won the photo contest Nature "animals are wild with you," the 18 years since 2538 to 2555 the users can access. including photographs, valued this at any time with the "More" button for a study into the fascinating story of each image. Including links For more information related to plants or animals in the picture. In Wikipedia and YouTube also can use the "Share" to share and pass on the beauty of the email. Or social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Interested parties can download the application free of True Photo Contest! Is available now on the App Store or Google Play Store for more details. and or The Investor Relations Tel. 02-615-9610 and 02-615-9788.

Nature Photo Contest, "a wild animal with you," is under Investor Relations. Which aims to promote the environment by planting True love has initiated such a contest since 2538 with the National Park Service. Wildlife and Plants Ministry of natural Resources and environment Encouraging people to cherish and preserve nature Thailand. By inviting students and the general public. Send photos to convey the beauty and integrity of forest ecosystems and wildlife destinations. Contest Thailand offers opportunities for people to appreciate the works. Feel the love of nature And to protect the environment to remain sustainable forever.


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